Creating a cascading resource import structure for Robot Framework: Pt. 2/3 – The problem

This is the second post in a three-part series. The series will present a possible approach to overcome certain problems that are inherent to the mechanism, which the Robot Framework implements to facilitate the sharing of resources.Part one described the various types of resources that can be reused in your Robot Framework (RF) projects and the... Read more »

The Agile Testers @ATD2018

The Agile Testers will be at the ATD2018 for the third time in a row with the whole team(22 Agile Testers). Read more »

Discussing the ‘Modern Testing Principles‘

Outcome and self-reflection On the 27th of September I had the privilege to organize a meetup in the name of the ‘Federation of Agile testers’ in the Netherlands (in short: fatnl). Together with my colleagues Klaartje and Jeroen I prepared a discussion evening, where we debated the ‘Modern Testing Principles’ coined by Alan Page and Brent Jensen. The eve Read more »

Wrapup ATD presentation #NoRegressionTesting

First of all we like to thank everybody for joining our talk in such big numbers. If you joined the talk, please rate it at our site (we already have some great idea´s for next year, so we like to speak again) In this wrapup we will share with you the remarks that were made after the talk on the boards in our sponsor-booth and answer some questi... Read more »

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