Testbash Netherlands 2020

De Agile Testers will be at Testbash NL online 2020 on october 16th. We will have our own sponsor-room where you can meet us and we have some great activities planned there:

  • 10:00 Ask Me Anything about Questions with Carlo van Driel and Martijn Nas
  • 11:20 and 16:30 Talk: The great Escape with Patrick van Enkhuijzen and Klaartje van Zwoll
  • 12:00 A short module (critical thinking) of our Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing training with Bas Kruip
  • 13:00 and 18:00 Talk: From miscommunication to Miss Communication with Klaartje van Zwoll
  • 14:00 Bughunting/Exploratory Testing contest with live software(and prices to win) with Carlo van Driel and Alain Bultink


We are also one of the main sponsors of this great event in which testers talk to testers and it is about contact between people and our beautiful profession.

So sign up now for the training, 1 of the workshop or of course the conference day on Friday 16 October.


To the overview

Carlo van Driel | Director

Alain Bultink | Director

Theo Janssen | Business Develop.