Next Level Testing

Do you want to improve your clients product? Has the process optimization (operational excellence) not brought the desired quality or do you feel that further optimization is no longer possible or is not possible? Is test automation not the ‘silver bullet’ that was promised? Than it is time for Next Level testing. We Read more »

Next Level Testautomation

Are you thinking about test automation or do you allready have it implemented without success? Testautomation requires a strategy, just like development and testing. However, it is often used from the technology. We have a bottleneck in the performance of our (regression) tests. Solution: Read more »

Agile Test Scan

Status quo of your Agile test process? Do you ever have reservations about the quality of delivered software and the speed with which delivery is involved? Do you ever get (much) less functionality in your software than you expected with a certain budget? Would you like a second opinion on the test process of your ICT organization? Read more »

Ranorex Services

We are the only company in the netherlands who is Silver Partner of Ranorex We can: Introduce you to the (im)possibilities of Ranorex through a demo Help you to perform a Proof of Concept If Ranorex is suitable for your application we help you to implement Ranorex in your organization Train your employees in the optimal use of Ranorex Our Ranore... Read more »

On Demand Testing

Are you unable (sufficiently) to recruit your own software testers? Do you want to switch quickly with external testers, but you cannot get the budget around quickly or do you have too little budget to continuously hire external testers? Are your own testers not of the desired level? Read more »

Carlo van Driel | Director

Alain Bultink | Director

Theo Janssen | Business Develop.