Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (CPAT)

Agile United Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (AU-CPAT) has been designed for agile team members, and testers in specific, who are looking to improve their knowledge, people skills, agile skills, testing skills and technology skills. This hands-on and interactive training course will help you and your team develop better software by teaching you about testing and quality. Besides learning objectives on agile, testing and quality, we will also cover objectives that may surprise you like teaching you interactively about mental models and critical thinking. We also help you doing highly effective risk analysis with modern tools and we explain hands-on exploratory testing with real software and hardware that runs throughout the training. If you are looking to give your Agile testing career a boost or someone looking to fill in gaps in your knowledge and skills, this course is for you.


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Carlo van Driel | Director

Alain Bultink | Director

Theo Janssen | Business Develop.