Testers self-defence

Do you recognize the following situations?

  • As a tester you are not taken seriously and seen as the tricky louse that delays the project / team
  • You are seen as a tester as the quality gate at the end of the sprint and suggestions for improvements at an earlier moment are ignored
  • Everyone has an opinion about testing and thinks they know it
  • You have some good ideas, but others find it nonsense or even prohibit you from doing your job the way you want

In the workshop you learn to recognize people and their (reasons for) behavior. You will also learn how you can take people into a change based on a number of change principles and adjust the behavior of people in the desired direction. You also learn how you can prove your value as a tester in a team or organization using those principles.


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Carlo van Driel | Director

Alain Bultink | Director

Theo Janssen | Business Develop.