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Training Robot Framework

Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework that is very easy to use and that, notwithstanding, is also exceptionally powerful, versatile and flexible. The unprecedentedly rich ecosystem of low-level test libraries makes it out-of-the-box suitable for all common automation interfaces, at gui, service or api level. Read more »

Ranorex training

In this 2 day course you learn to work with the latest version of Ranorex. We start with the basics of test automation in which test strategy, the test automation pyramid and general knowledge about test automation are discussed. Next, we discuss the basic functions whereby we build a structure in Ranorex, create test scripts, learn to deal with... Read more »


In this two day course you learn to work with Selenium Webdriver. It will be a combination of Java with Selenide working with Cypress. Both frameworks can be used tob e develop automatic testing in the browser. The differences between Selenium webdriver and Cypress are highlighted in this course. Read more »

Carlo van Driel

Theo Janssen
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