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Workshop Security Testing

Companies regularly are in the news because hackers have captured valuable and / or privacy-sensitive data. Too often, security is a risk whose seriousness is not recognized. Apart from fines that are being applied more and more, the image damage is also increasing. Read more »

Professional Agile Tester

Almost any company is Agile or is considering becoming Agile. Agile is essential for being flexible, in collaborating with the customer, respond to a changing market and constantly changing customer wishes. Scrum is often the first step to do this. Return to shorter iterations, less production costs, more manufactured products and better manufac... Read more »

Workshop Next Level Agile Quality for Teams

Scrum is mainstream. Nowadays, every IT company works with Scrum or introduces it. Responding to changing requirements and close cooperation with the customer is crucial, andScrym is the ideal step to do this in an Agile(flexible) way. Benefits include: quick feedbak, shorter time-to-market, lower costs and focused delivery of working and tested... Read more »

Workshop Specification by Example

Specification by Example (SbE) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) are two terms that have regularly appeared in recent years. Both are techniques that fundamentally change team dynamics and ensure that disciplines grow closer to each other. Both ensure that the team can deliver software with the right value faster and is therefore an absolute... Read more »


Behaviour Driven Development(BDD) is an agile working method, aimed at implementing usable software by describing the behaviour from the perspective of the stakeholders. Product Owners and users, together with developers and testers, determine the functionality that contributes most to a business objective. Read more »

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