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Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (CPAT)

Agile United Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (AU-CPAT) has been designed for agile team members, and testers in specific, who are looking to improve their knowledge, people skills, agile skills, testing skills and technology skills. This hands-on and interactive training course will help you and your team develop better software by teach... Read more »

Certified Specialist in Agile Testing (CSAT)

The Certified Specialist in Agile Testing (AU-CSAT) training has been developed for agile team members, and specifically testers, who want to enhance their knowledge even further in the field of personal skills, team skills and testing skills. This practical and interactive training helps you and your team to deliver faster and qualitatively bet... Read more »

Workshop Introduction Making Test Strategies (in an instant)

"How should we test this?" is one of the most difficult mysteries a tester can face. To answer this question, we need to consider the context and come up with a workable strategy. This is a skill that is rarely learned and much of the related literature is weak and uninspiring. This workshop was created to develop this important skill. Read more »

Workshop Security Testing

Companies regularly are in the news because hackers have captured valuable and / or privacy-sensitive data. Too often, security is a risk whose seriousness is not recognized. Apart from fines that are being applied more and more, the image damage is also increasing. Read more »

Workshop Next Level Agile Quality for Teams

Scrum is mainstream. Nowadays, every IT company works with Scrum or introduces it. Responding to changing requirements and close cooperation with the customer is crucial, andScrym is the ideal step to do this in an Agile(flexible) way. Benefits include: quick feedbak, shorter time-to-market, lower costs and focused delivery of working and tested... Read more »

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Alain Bultink | Director

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